Your Poker Bankroll: A Mini Guide

If you are new to poker, you have probably spent a lot of time working on your strategy. One thing many people do not think about is their bankroll, which can affect your gameplay just as much as strategies. Here are aspects of a game and some tips and tricks for managing your bankroll and ensuring that you have what you need to play correctly.

How Much?

The rule of thumb that most poker players use when determining how much their bankroll should be is this: you need 75 to 100 times the big blind before you even sit down to play. This will give you the padding you need to deal with bigger swings in the game, so you can recover from specific losses and have a better chance of winning. Many professionals will recommend more, but this is adequate for beginning players.

Each Table

You should not go higher than 30% of your bankroll with one specific table. In fact, many poker players will recommend that you do not utilize more than 20% of that bankroll, but 30% is the most you should utilize. You will notice that many other players, especially amateurs and fish, do not follow these rules, but this does not mean you should fall into the same mistakes they are making. So, when you are ready to play low-limit poker, which has a bet range of $.25 to $.50, you will want to play with between $35 and $50.

While the strategy is important in poker check it here, having an adequate amount of money to play with is also important. When you do not have a big enough bankroll or you do not take enough with you to each table, you risk crippling your game and getting into difficult situations that are not easy to get out of.